COVID-19 Information

Local Meals is rapidly increasing capacity to assist government entities, community based organizations and institutions during this emergency. Please refer to our information page for how you can stay informed about updated health, safety and travel information.

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bulk local food delivery

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farmers, restaurants, local suppliers

Our Mission

Local Meals is a socially conscious enterprise increasing food access and economic security by connecting local farmers to local consumers through partnerships with government and community based organizations. Our programs focus on food access equity for the elderly, students, underserved and consumers through workforce development and cottage industry support for local producers, processors and distributors.

'Food Access Network’ Community Food Access Program

‘Food Access Network’ is the Local Meals sponsored program facilitating all donations of food, equipment and financial support. To spread awareness, restaurants and other local food retailers can donate a portion of their proceeds through this campaign with a goal of providing 1 free meal for every 10 paid meals through program partners.

Rapid Distribution Workflow

We work with local farmers and transport companies to pick up fresh produce and bring it to processing facilities

Local facilities operating within sanitary protocols separate produce to bag for delivery or cook and package as ready made meals

Community based organizations and professional distribution companies can then transport bulk food supplies to designated food access point like churches, schools, rec. centers and more

We are working with

  • A local distillery manufacturing hand sanitizer, expected availability for distribution is Mid-April
  • Local processors to produce packaged cooked meals from local produce
  • Local farmers to order bulk seasonal produce and dry goods
  • Transport companies for food distribution services
  • Restaurants for bulk food ordering and donations
  • Community organizations to distribute paid and free food
  • Charitable organizations to fund food distribution