Immediate support needs

The Local Meals team rapidly developed a “Community Based Food Security Action Plan” in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, completed on March 22nd, 2020. On March 23rd, we began implementing our contribution towards this solution. Please email to assist in Phase 2 support.

  • strengthen productive partnerships
  • build a robust new website
  • develop customized software to maximize distribution logistics
  • secure distribution and processing infrastructure
  • identify new partnership organizations
  • coordinate food distribution efforts
  • secure a donation platform through fiscal sponsorship of the ‘Meals Alive!’ program
  • begin a focused outreach campaign for the ‘Meals Alive!’ program
  • distribute food orders and donated food
  • secure additional funding to complete software development
  • secure additional funding for food packaging equipment
  • secure funding for EBT merchant system
  • secure additional funding for operations costs
  • develop formal partnerships with supporting entities
  • expand our network of local farmers and community based organizations needing increased food access
  • offer fully cooked, reheatable packaged local meal solutions to schools, senior centers, churches, hospitals and more
  • coordinate food distribution efforts to include health and wellness supplies, laptops and community resource awareness
  • offer local food and packaged meals to EBT recipients through existing food access points or coordinated drop off points


Local Meals is a socially conscious enterprise increasing food access and economic security by connecting local farmers to local consumers through partnerships with government and community based organizations. Our programs focus on food access equity for the elderly, students, underserved and consumers through workforce development and cottage industry support for local producers, processors and distributors.


Local Meals is based on principles derived through the culmination of many years of collaboration and resource development activities around Baltimore and the Mid-Atlantic region to strengthen the economy and build resilient communities. Team members collectively identified a common need to increase community access to healthy food through an economically sustainable process of supporting environmentally focused local farmers and food suppliers. Local Meals was officially founded to help bridge the existing food access gap and serve as comprehensive support for all sectors of the food industry to ensure consumer needs could be met by local providers. This stimulates economic security, workforce development and healthier food options in a synergistic and holistic process.

What does local food really mean?

The principle behind the local food system seems to be a conscious approach to physical, ecological and economic health through this universal need for sustenance. Local food is usually produced with fewer or no chemicals and contains fewer or no preservatives and other harmful substances. Purchasing from local food suppliers also ensures a more resilient economy by keeping money in your community. When you purchase local food, it has less distance to travel therefore lowering carbon emissions, shipping packaging and other environmental impacts.