The Local Meals Team

Local Meals team members share a common vision of contributing to local food access and resilient communities through workforce development, environmental stewardship and supporting local farming initiatives and educational programs. The team is composed of local small business owners, non-profit officers and professionals with extensive experience in the following fields: farmers, food processing, distribution logistics, economic development, health and safety, community wellness, ecological sustainability, construction, renewable energy, emergency management and more. Combining these expertise with a passion for resilient communities and responsible ecological approaches, we can assist our local population with the most pressing needs in the most challenging situations.

Seth Wheeler

Executive Director

Seth is an advocate for local and urban farming and a project manager for low impact energy and food systems.

Dave Brown

Fiscal Sponsor, Resource Development

Safety, education and wellness specialist.

Merritt Dworkin

Media Relations and Community Outreach Manager

Merritt is the Founder of the Fells Point Farmers Market and has many years of experience working with Baltimore residents and the community at large.

Neville Henry

Chef and processing coordinator, nutritional services specialist.

Louise Mitchell

Climate health advocate, outreach and communications coordination.

Cory Brim

Founder of ‘Change 4 Good’ and assisting communities with food pickup and delivery, cleaning services, community outreach and more.

Bill Sharp

Emergency management and community resilience specialist.

Gary Lake

Farmer outreach coordination & distribution and logistics specialist, coordinating fleet services.

Liz Reitzig

Farmer advocate and local farm to consumer food distributor.